Youth Matters 39

Mission Statement

I am writing a book on freeing yourself from the bondage of self. Thirty percent of the sales of this book will go to my Youth Matters ministry. Through my church I have non-profit status and will be able to give everyone who donates to Youth Matters a tax deduction. My church has really gotten behind me and I know that I can accomplish my goals. Here is the Youtube channel that I will be starting dealing with the pertinent matters of the youth of today. I am constantly talking to them and asking them what matters to them. I listen to what they say. I will also be setting up chat lines for parents that have questions about youth or anything that is on their mind I will be there to do the best I can for them to help them find the answers they seek. You can email me at


To reach the youth of today and meet them where they are at in their lives. I will counsel them through talks and groups to show them that there are better choices they can make in life and that there are consequences to those choices. I will take them on trips to the beach and weekend retreats at Idyllwild Pines Camp.

About Me

I was a young man who made a lot of bad decisions when I was a teenager and a young adult. My choices to place drugs and alcohol above everything else in my life cost me 25 years in prison. I murdered a friend of mine who was trying to get over on me in a drug deal. I have been in all the worst prisons there was in CDCR. I started working with at risk youth in 2007 in the Straight Life Program at my prison. In 2013 I became a peer to peer counselor for other prisoners and helped them with preparing to go home, substance abuse issues and parole planning. I am a Christain man who still works with youth today in my job and at my church. I am active in my community and have spoken at various events sharing my story.